Wildlife photography exhibit set to dazzle again


Photographers are now being urged to get clicking as the clock runs down for entries in a wildlife contest. Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, a Conservation charity, is looking for snaps that concentrate on the county’s wild places and wildlife.

The winning snaps would feature in 2015 calendar of the Trust. Trust’s communications manager Wendy Carter told that last year was a real bumper year with three hundred and fifty snaps clicked by more than sixty local photographers. They were constantly impressed by the photographs’ quality as well as the range of subjects that are captured. Last year, they saw everything from owls to dragonflies to wildflowers to rainbows. Continue reading ‘Wildlife photography exhibit set to dazzle againrgb’

Night and Nature Photography


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London photography fair


Luma Foundation, which is a non profit organization established by Swiss pharmaceutical heiress Maja Hoffmann, who is also a contemporary art collector, is helping a brand new photography fair which is set to open next year in London. Photo London will have approximately seventy international dealers as well as be based at the Somerset House.

This is co-organized by an arts and culture consultancy named Candlestar, whose co-director Michael Benson told that Luma would support the collectors’ and public program.

Michael added that their target for Photo London is that it would be a yearly celebration of photography. Their ambition is that this would grow into a citywide celebration. The organizers are in discussions with major galleries, museums and collectors regarding the collateral program, details of which would be declared later this year.

Benson, suggesting that London is becoming the top international place for collectors of photography, said that London’s major galleries and museums have become increasingly serious regarding photography, the number of London based collectors has risen dramatically and the auction houses report strong sales.

Michael Hoppen, the London photography dealer, welcomed the move. He told that he thought that this is a real great idea as long as they start by keeping it high quality and small; another big fair is not what the market requirements. They expect to take part, but this would depend on the size of the fair and very importantly, what date they select.

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A Guide to Wildlife Photography Londolozi TV


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Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit is again coming back to Bristol. The show would open to visitors from 30th November, Saturday, to 23rd February, 2014, Sunday. This year, for the very first time, the touring exhibit would take place on the citys harbor side M Shed.

The visitors would see a rich array of animals on earth in this touring exhibit. The event, which is now in its 49th year, offers a series of magnificent snaps celebrating the splendor, beauty and drama of the natural world along with creative, astonishing as well as humorous wildlife photography.

This year, the photography contest in Bristol would be balanced with a series of display celebrating the citys special and diverse wildlife. Visitors would have the scope to see rarely seen natural history specimens, learn how to recognize different species of the natural world as well as other wonderful and weird species in Bristol.

Speaking about the exhibit, Head of Bristol Museums Julie Finch told that there is no doubt that the yearly wildlife photographer exhibit in Bristol is quite popular. Every year, these stunning and thought provoking snaps draw visitors to the city wide and far. It is expected that this year would be the same. Continue reading ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibitrgb’



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High end printers must be good


Apart from high end cameras, pro photographers also need quality printers for the sake of their work. Per-Andre Hoffman, a well known Travel photographer, told at a press conference previous Saturday that high quality photographs are quite easy to market with clients and this is the reason why photographers require large printers of good quality.

Hoffman, along with fellow brand ambassadors of Canon, unveiled the company’s imagePROGRAF (iPF) printer in Cebu that he said offers stunning resolution, perfect whites, delicate grays, wide color gamut, superb dynamic range and deep blacks which could be very useful to photographers.

According to reports, Hoffman stated that that iPF printer is mainly designed for professionals who work in production and graphic arts. It comes in different sizes even though that depends on the model.

The iPF5100 is seventeen inches whereas the iPFF9410S measures sixty inches and that is also the biggest. The printers have an upper limit printable length of 18 meter paper. Jay Jalloma, a landscape photographer, told that by using iPF printer, he could control the whole procedure of producing photographs. He told that with big print printers, he could rightly check details of the landscape snaps.

Hoffman told that snappers who want to take part in photo exhibits could print their snap in Canon’s iPF printer. Edwin Martinez, a Canon brand ambassador and a landscape photographer, told that printing is the toughest part in photography. A picture can be called a photograph only if it is printed.