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White Curtain (Thom Fleming)


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Ray Collins’ dramatic wave photography


For Ray Collins, his knee injury was a blessing in disguise. He hurt himself while working in a coal mine, and then he had a surgery and then went to a rehab which put him on leave from his job for around 6 months. Ray spent a lot of his time just studying and reading, and then he decided to give photography a hand on. His doctor suggested swimming as an exercise for his injury, and more and more time in the water triggered his interest in underwater photography.

While speaking to a leading website, he told that the ocean has offered him so much. It is where his very first memories were made as an infant; it has taught him patience, taught him respect and served harness and control fear and change into an excitement. He has been around the sea his whole life, it is all he has ever known. Shooting waves just felt very natural. He treats each one like a subject sitting for a portrait. He want to show the differences in each because after they break that moment is lost forever.

Collins, from Thirroul in New South Wales, Australia, still acts upon as a coal miner in twelve-hour shifts 3 days a week. This leaves him 4 days a week to concentrate on his photography. On his days off, Ray studies virtual swell forecasts and ocean buoys, directions, windspeeds tides and sun position to figure out when he would be able to capture the best photographs. Continue reading ‘Ray Collins’ dramatic wave photographyrgb’

Photography Tutorial: Get Sharp Focus From Front to Back


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Wildlife Photography Q&A: Episode 4


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Wanderlust Travel Photo winners


Well, it is time to meet Wanderlust’s Travel Photo of the Year 2014/15 contest winners. The names were revealed at an event at Destinations Show in London earlier on Friday, 30th Jan 2015. The entries standard was immaculate.

One of the judges said that this year’s contest was one of the toughest to judge as of now.

The winners will get all-expenses-paid photo commission tours, as well as the pro winner gets # 3000. Runner Up and Highly Commended photographers win cameras handed by Nikon. Now in its nineteenth year, the contest is United Kingdom’s largest amateur travel photography contest, as well as the pro category gets some of the most talented photographers in business. Continue reading ‘Wanderlust Travel Photo winnersrgb’

Nikon D3200 nature photography w/ a 18-55mm and a 55-200mm lens


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Luiz Carlos | Wildlife Photography

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Doug Allan’s passion for wildlife photography


There are not too many people who could just fill Mareel by telling tales, but Doug Allan, a wildlife photographer, did just that earlier on Thursday night. Well known for his polar snaps on the BBC series such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Blue Planet Allan kept his three hundred and twenty strong audience captivated with his tales from the coldest regions of the planet.

On Thursday, Allan’s Shetland show was the best and last attended in a nineteen-date tour of islands and highlands, a tour that he depicted as “shorter than usual”. The photography career of the sixty three year old in photography started with a scope meeting with David Attenborough in the year 1983, when he was working for British Antarctic Survey.

Allan stated that it was very encouraging for him; and it gave him the assurance to abandon his full time job for a life behind the camera. For him, photography was a hobby that he shared with most people who were working in Antarctic, as well as combined with his love for diving as well as his conversancy with polar beasts made it the complete career move from marine science.

Shooting in the pole regions was new back in the early 80s, and for the next fifteen years he was involved in each single wildlife report from Antarctic as well as Arctic that he first visited in the year 1988.



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Photography shows in Lancaster


Lancaster is all set to be taken over by photography as Society for Photographic Education’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference starts at Lancaster County Convention Center on Friday and it would run till Sunday. Well, you would not have to go the news conference to watch a huge array of photography. This month, a series of galleries would present photography exhibits.

The galleries, including Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Demuth, Coe Camera, Isadore Gallery and Sunshine Art + Design would offer different perspectives and a scope for all to see what is new in the world of photography. Continue reading ‘Photography shows in Lancasterrgb’