Andy Goldsworthy environmentalist Artist – P1


Movie Score: 4 / five

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13 Responses to “Andy Goldsworthy environmentalist Artist – P1”

  1. Kaktisbalaktikakel2

    He lives in Mexico, Canada…………..

  2. jpoon919


  3. simdude2u

    I like 0:41

  4. JoyMystic

    – My bad. 🙂 I removed the whole slide in the enhanced version of this video long ago after I spotted this as well as learning that he doesn’t live with his wife anymore. Though doesn’t take away from his work, it seems fitting mentioning here that you mentioned half the mistake. Glad you enjoyed his work.

  5. Jamie Cooper

    At 3:48 it says “He lives in Scotland, England”.. Scotland and England are two different countries both within the UK. Please get it right..
    However, besides the poor geographical knowledge shown in this video, Andy’s work that is shown is incredible.

  6. robin wood

    In the UK Richard Long was balancing rocks and producing “land art” many years before Andy. Andy has been a great populariser of this form though. He has always kept a very tight hold on copyright of his images and avoided them being over distributed in popular form such as posters. Do you have permission to publish these images on youtube or are you in violation of copyright?

  7. 1tillie1

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  8. lvgraham


  9. JoyMystic

    imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Most of times imitation no matter good it is will not surpass the original. Andy is one that many can imitate but never capture his spirit, which you expressed. Are you an artist yourself? 

  10. Sequoia Mac

    PS: I only speak of mimikers as the cuckoo, false, pretencious, without original thought or deed, not for those who see the higher path creatively or not, is that but only in admiration & respect of the natural, organic, world, the earth as unending, as it should be.

  11. Sequoia Mac

    However, the ugly envy vanishes so very quickly, & the sheer joy & admiration I have for his craft, creations & source of raw nature wells inside me. Contended smiles always spread upon my face when i look upon & feel his work. It is the primitive wealth of our natural state of being conjoined with our higher states of being the reverberates through all his work. It’s resonance continues to shimmers in I, & all things.

  12. Sequoia Mac

    Thank you for these wonderful uploads of Andy’s astounding & harmonising works. Yesterday eve I spoke with a friend of his work, I was passionate on it, Yet scornful of a mimiker, someone who stole the essence of Andy’s work, yet did not feel. Every time I look at these creations, or should it be formulations? I envy for every form is of my own heart yet he touched it first, & I know i can never create them or i merely cast a shadow on my own creativity, let alone the shame of regurgitation.

  13. joachimcoppolino

    this is absolutley amazing art