“Behind the Lens” Interview with Colorado wildlife photographer Vic Schendel


Video clip Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to ““Behind the Lens” Interview with Colorado wildlife photographer Vic Schendel”

  1. tamimaliraqii

    What an amazing photographer, loved this video so much thanks!

  2. thewolfe2000

    Grate video I love the outdoors and I’m lucky enuf to regularly go to Scotland and be with lots of wildlife like red stags. And they make grate photos

  3. Susedphoto

    7D !

  4. gorb87

    love this video…:-)

  5. SacTownStudios

    California is awesome too…. we just don’t have moose

  6. TheSnaunner

    Awesome, I’ll just go buy a 500mm F4L IS USM and a 1DX. Then I should be good to go.. 🙁

  7. Arin Artrit


  8. Eyþór Eyþórsson

    Grate video, i share your passion !

  9. edwincanales301

    I love this video.

  10. l67swap1

    Very impressive

  11. telemaq76

    thanks for that great video; I was lucky to make thoses shots too in same places, colorado and wyoming are so awesome places for wildlife, you lucky man to live there

  12. wapiti chaser

    Both entertaining and educational. Looking forward to visiting CO in the near future, with camera in hand.

  13. Scott Lorenzo

    Would you mind looking at my wildlife slideshow shots in my videos.

  14. Ali Reid Wolfe

    Really happy to see someone using an affordable setup with amazing results 🙂

  15. Rick Summers

    I really enjoyed this. Great video and photos. Thanks for posting.

  16. coloradohunter86

    Thats just some beautiful photography, have you been able to get any cool ones of bears and such?

  17. WildFilez

    Nice video,

    please check out our video as well 🙂

  18. W McClendon

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video

  19. Martijn Visser

    Great video!

  20. andrewinpompey

    Inspiring stuff – great video, amazing pictures

  21. TheNatureguy01

    Great Vid and amazing images, I do wildlife photography in Alberta , Canada, in Banff National Park and Jasper National park and national parks in British Columbia, would love to go to Colorado some time 🙂

  22. Jill Smith

    I identify. I shoot in SE Colorado and am DAILY amazed. From Bears to rattlesnakes. Patience. Love of all things wild. Love of Colorado. You nailed it Vic.

  23. fredmeebley

    Great video badass pics I wish I had that kind of time to spend outdoors with my camera. Every time I do, I am rewarded somehow.

  24. canonphotoshooter5d

    Great video and amazing photos. Very inspiring to see him using the same gear that I use. I would be curious to know if he uses any other lenses.