Church arranges photography exhibit


Photographer Erin Karp terms her exhibit at West Side Gallery – Details – as everything is a small detail in a bigger picture. She added that she stop in her tracks when she see something she find beautiful – a shadow on a wall, a moon, a sunset, a flower which yearns to be appreciated and smelled.

Erin said that she is also moved by some industrial structures as well as tend to take pictures in a way which makes people ask her about the photograph. She calls natural lighting a big inspiration; her aim is to make viewer feel and think something when they see her pictures.

Erin Karp sees things which other people would not see in looking at similar object or scene. Eris is from a creative family. She think the way she see the world is a reflection of the artwork of her dad growing up. Her mom mother is a fashion designer as well as professor at Fashion Institute of Technology.

She was born in Manhattan. Then she moved with her family to Teaneck. That time she was just 5 years old. She told that her fascination with nature comes from her childhood; her parents took her sister and her hiking at Flat Rock Brook Nature Center in Englewood on Sunday when they were growing up. She went to camps and at the Bronx Zoo.

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