David McLain: How to take the best landscape and nature photography


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10 Responses to “David McLain: How to take the best landscape and nature photography”

  1. sambaraju datta

    Simple and awesome tip

  2. Amery Drage

    What model NEX does he have in the video? 🙂

  3. SonyListens

    Hello tylo38,

    That is great news, we do hope you enjoy your new camera! =)

    -Amanda Maffei

    Sony Support USA

  4. tylo38

    So excited! Mine will be at my doorstep tomorrow!

  5. Ryan Jordan

    Just buy a Nikon because they specialize in cameras. Sony does not. Issue a fee wavier or recall for the PS3s Yellow Light of Death! Don’t ignore the issue!

  6. Ryan Jordan

    Don’t delete my comment fag!

  7. Ryan Jordan

    Issue a fee waiver or recall for Sony’s faulty PS3s. Sony sucks Nikon all the way. Way better company than Sony. David McLain tell those fags at Sony to issue a fee waiver or recall for their faulty PS3 consoles.

  8. cpmryan

    Issue a recall or fee waiver for your “Yellow Light of Death” issue for the PS3 or make a video about it.

  9. SonyListens

    Hi xx840,
    We’re glad you found this video helpful. Please let us know if you need any assistance with your camera. We’d be happy to help 🙂

    ~ Sarah Kepler

  10. xx840

    thank you for this, i took a lot of notes and replayed the video several times when listening to this.