Fantastic nature photography of plant growth of brambles – The Private Life of Plants – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife


Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Fantastic nature photography of plant growth of brambles – The Private Life of Plants – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife”

  1. Tom Dissenter

    brambles scare the shit out of me, don’t think I can walk in a wood ever again now.

  2. leo hafizh

    it’s jungle you can’t run baby like gorilla

  3. samosquito1

    me when i see your mum

  4. thegreeensky

    wow.. simply amazing!

  5. Paungolv


  6. 1DoNotClickHere

    I love this timelapse

  7. bluefroggies5

    That looks kinda like poison ivy

  8. KalKyuLayTor

    3 inches a day WHAT!?

  9. whetphish

    The whole series is amazing. I love plants, especially blackberries. I have blackberries, Japanese wineberries and salmonberries growing in my garden. 🙂

  10. tonybeak11

    Don’t talk about people’s mothers like that.

  11. siththee

    Go for a coffee with beautiful girls

  12. morgantobfr

    Welcome onboard Russian here

  13. mmaghfai

    who said plants have NO intelligence?

  14. NicolaRedwooddforest

    Pantene shampoo is not a natural shampoo. I recommend Weleda and Dr. Hauschka if you want to have 100 percent plant based shampoos.

  15. Jamie Ball

    I love this timelapse

  16. Golfertrytek

    Damn nature, you scary!

  17. ALE2018

    that is creepy but funny jajaja

    verlo asi sa cosa es como una pelicula de terror o algo asi, nunca havia visto el cresimiento de las plantas de esta manera, es increhible

  18. TheSacredSilly

    incredibly creepy stalking vine thing

  19. Dafthum

    that dis is soooo damn old its as old as your mum

  20. Dafthum

    coz you have aids

  21. Dafthum

    If you excuse me, but i have higher intellect than you! So I can spell better than you , you dislexic twat

  22. AlbinoCaterpillar

    I watched a show called Living Britain when i was four. Instantly hooked to the Natural History Unit.

  23. ecozi

    how many days were they filming this viideo?

  24. whynottalklikeapirat

    theyre taking over.
    my god.
    the brambles are TAKING OVER!

  25. Dafthum

    Learn to spell u dork and another thing i can REALLY imagine a dead person with a laptop going on youtube and posting comments woooooooooo wooooooooo wooooooo