High end printers must be good


Apart from high end cameras, pro photographers also need quality printers for the sake of their work. Per-Andre Hoffman, a well known Travel photographer, told at a press conference previous Saturday that high quality photographs are quite easy to market with clients and this is the reason why photographers require large printers of good quality.

Hoffman, along with fellow brand ambassadors of Canon, unveiled the company’s imagePROGRAF (iPF) printer in Cebu that he said offers stunning resolution, perfect whites, delicate grays, wide color gamut, superb dynamic range and deep blacks which could be very useful to photographers.

According to reports, Hoffman stated that that iPF printer is mainly designed for professionals who work in production and graphic arts. It comes in different sizes even though that depends on the model.

The iPF5100 is seventeen inches whereas the iPFF9410S measures sixty inches and that is also the biggest. The printers have an upper limit printable length of 18 meter paper. Jay Jalloma, a landscape photographer, told that by using iPF printer, he could control the whole procedure of producing photographs. He told that with big print printers, he could rightly check details of the landscape snaps.

Hoffman told that snappers who want to take part in photo exhibits could print their snap in Canon’s iPF printer. Edwin Martinez, a Canon brand ambassador and a landscape photographer, told that printing is the toughest part in photography. A picture can be called a photograph only if it is printed.

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