Husqvarna Unveils Lawn Mower Concept


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20 Responses to “Husqvarna Unveils Lawn Mower Concept”

  1. zoso338

    That is a nice guaranteed piece of shit

  2. mquiroz90

    There be other types of lawn mowers than this one in fact there’s new ones in stores soon they can grow grass too

  3. 1965ace

    Ecofriendly? One still has to burn tons of coal to power it.

  4. TestECull

    Eco-friendly? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  5. Yadablahblahblahbla

    The Apeture science battery powered manually operated lawn mowing device.

  6. mcridiculose

    ugh… i hate the fact that people think electric cars are saving the environment. it is to some degree, but you plug in that little doo-hickey into your power outlet which comes from power from power lines where majorities of power come from burning materials and polluting the atmosphere. when EVERYTHING is electric. call me.

  7. SittingMoose Shaman

    … I dislike the “concept” anything… All the term in truth means is, “Never gonna see it, suckah!”

  8. LordAndersson

    I will buy it!

  9. JETZcorp

    Husqvarna made an electric… thing? Electric? Husqvarna? Oh, HELL no!

    What ever happened to the old Husqvarna which led the two-stroke revolution?! Maico would never commit such a heresy. Neither would Bultaco. Grrrr.

  10. blobby1972

    i can’t believe I clicked on to this.

  11. Crackpunch

    I want my lawn mower to cut the grass with LASERS!! Then all I have to do is turn it on and it sweeps the lawn in a few seconds, then it’s finished.

  12. Erik Pedersen

    yeah, but if in the “future” people fully grasp sustainability, they’ll realize that suburbia and its lawns are about the worst thing there is for the environment given the numerous and environmentally harmful activities living there necessitates.
    If people would just move to cities, they wouldn’t have to come up with kitschy bullshit like this to market toward yuppies, and the impact of the production of these things would be averted altogether.

  13. 1GOD1JESUS

    i have a husqvarna ride on mower, its a piece of shit, dont ever buy one.

  14. seniorortega

    Futuristic Lawnmower? There are already genetically engineered grass strains that only grow 3″ high…I don’t see why in the future the average suburbanite will even need a lawnmower. With the genetic grass strains all you might need is robotic comber/seeder (since they are sterile breeds that have to be re-sodded twice a year, and the robot could comb the lawn to make it look pretty lol 🙂

  15. TheAtraxRobustus

    xlnt,i guess that solves the issue of hot steamy dog shit in the blades.Nothing like the smell of cooked dog shit mixed with petrol fumes in the morning.

  16. tiger55331

    the narrator seemed to have repeated each thing 2 or 3 times

  17. SuperJetski1

    Something we will never get to see

  18. Corey Hunt

    now thats cool i want one!

  19. AutomotiveTv

    As editor of Automotive Tv, I couldn’t agree with you more…….more in depth detail on the product would be great. The only problem with this is it would take more time and money. Unfortunately the advertising industry is yet to fully embrace the internet business and offer the publisher full advertising rates!! (similar to traditional media) It is slowly changing but until further change we are restricted in what we can produce……….Cheers.

  20. kabisan1villu

    first comment!