landscape and wildlife photography


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  1. thephotographer57

    Nice pictures. You should check out some of mine.

  2. shomees

    Beautiful  music



  4. bangbuddy

    awesome video……..!! thanks a lot

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  6. LazySnail

    Very nice.

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  8. sdhanyam

    Nice photography…
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  9. smadalesna1

    Eventually I bought some Canon 35mm cameras (with a long AF lens) so that I could carry that as well as the 6×7 and have a lot more capabilities shooting wildlife (motor drive, autofocus, 100-400 zoom lens.) In 2007 I got my first digital, (Canon EOS-1 DS markII) It’s all I’m using now and I no longer have to pay for film and film processing.
    I’m only using 2 lenses now 24-70 Canon L and 100-400 Canon L

  10. smadalesna1

    I began with a 35mm Olympus OM-4 and a group of the Zuiko lenses which I used for 13 years exclusively. Then I went to a Pentax 6×7 and a few lenses to go along with it. Many of the photographs you see on my website are from the 6×7. The film is 6×7 centimeters which is 4 times the size of 35mm film.

  11. guglio1290

    I’m curious as to what camera(s) and lens(es) you use?

  12. samanthas2goode

    I wish! – at least that would be my claim to fame! 🙂

  13. smadalesna1

    Thanks, Are you related to Johnny B. Goode?

  14. samanthas2goode

    beautiful work.

  15. HussaiNasir

    you have a beautiful gallery here , good luck