London photography fair


Luma Foundation, which is a non profit organization established by Swiss pharmaceutical heiress Maja Hoffmann, who is also a contemporary art collector, is helping a brand new photography fair which is set to open next year in London. Photo London will have approximately seventy international dealers as well as be based at the Somerset House.

This is co-organized by an arts and culture consultancy named Candlestar, whose co-director Michael Benson told that Luma would support the collectors’ and public program.

Michael added that their target for Photo London is that it would be a yearly celebration of photography. Their ambition is that this would grow into a citywide celebration. The organizers are in discussions with major galleries, museums and collectors regarding the collateral program, details of which would be declared later this year.

Benson, suggesting that London is becoming the top international place for collectors of photography, said that London’s major galleries and museums have become increasingly serious regarding photography, the number of London based collectors has risen dramatically and the auction houses report strong sales.

Michael Hoppen, the London photography dealer, welcomed the move. He told that he thought that this is a real great idea as long as they start by keeping it high quality and small; another big fair is not what the market requirements. They expect to take part, but this would depend on the size of the fair and very importantly, what date they select.

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