My Nature Photography


Video clip Rating: five / 5

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10 Responses to “My Nature Photography”

  1. blindmansaywhat

    they are kinda blurry


    Ok then! They will be up ASAP ^_^


    Oh em gee! Those pics are very pretty!! I like them! I prob need to get
    mine up.. 😛 but still..AWESOME!!

  4. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    @SightInspired Thank you so much for all the helpful information that was
    very kind of you!!!! ^____^

  5. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    Thank you I think our ducks are cute too! ^___^

  6. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    Thanks so much andI would love to see your photography!!! 😀

  7. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    Fantastic I can’t wait to see them! ^___^

  8. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    Thank you very much!!! ^____^

  9. DisneyPrincessNeeNee

    I thought they looked a bit blurry, as well. It’s because I had to make
    this video an avi file because all the other files I tried would have took
    hours to upload. I’m not very good with computer stuff like that. Thanks
    for the comment! ^_^

  10. PurpleOcarina

    oh wow!!! thats awesome! ^^ i probably could never photograph! 5/5 for
    youu..! hehe