My photography in the public domain


Video clip Ranking: two / five

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4 Responses to “My photography in the public domain”

  1. Hellz Bellz

    Hey, I dunno if you know this there is a website called flickr you can
    upload some of your photos on there =]

  2. littledeath69

    YOUR A MORON!!!!think b4 u speak that way u dont sound so ignorant….u
    realy should kill urself

  3. Icefreez

    You should come up with ideas while not drinking. It will allow you to
    evaluate them better.

  4. psushgirl

    your stuff is very good! i think it’s a great idea to use deviantart. i
    have friends who have used it and it’s been pretty great for them so far.
    “i think it could work” as well đŸ˜‰ <3's