My Wildlife Photography Setup


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24 Responses to “My Wildlife Photography Setup”

  1. Eyþór Eyþórsson

    You own one of the most expensive lenses, and yet you have a 30d! not that it’s a bad camera!

  2. pooh1234567890

    Amazing lens. Do you have a website where you display your photos?

  3. ridecrazy11

    How’d you like the rebel XT, I just got a great deal on one, But the 30d is definately gonna be my second DSLR

  4. TheLittleWorldofGaz

    Beautiful setup!

  5. whitey211

    Sorry I can’t help much on that. The part that matters for attaching the BB to a flash unit is the molded plastic arms. They are shaped to fit around each specific type of flash head. If they don’t make one for your specific type of flash you might be out of luck. You could buy one and hope it fits, or try and modify it.

  6. whitey211

    C-357 n6. Still holding up well! I think for the money you can’t really go wrong with it. If it breaks, you can buy another one for the cost of a Gitzo.

  7. marquis9074

    @whitey211, which Benro were you using?

  8. sampreap

    that is not a lens…. that’s a bazooka!!!

  9. whitey211

    Great!  Good luck!

  10. friendlyoblivion

    Thats just what i wanted to know, thanks alot for the reply.

  11. whitey211

    I usually shoot at 400 ISO and somewhere around f/7.1 or 5.6 depending on the shutter speed I need. With those settings I think I can usually get noticeably flashed birds at around 60 feet or so. Either way though the beemer definitely lengthens the throw of the flash by at least 50% if not double. It’s certainly worth the $30. But don’t forget you’ll need a flash arm for your tripod.

    I mainly use the flash for fill light and to add that twinkle in the eye.

  12. friendlyoblivion

    @whitey211 Hey man great vid and very nice setup you have. I shoot wildlife too (mainly birds) but i have never used a flash with it,can having one of those extenders on a good flash actually make some difference when shooting birds at distance?, basically how far can this flash reach, because i’v never even thought about using a flash with bird shooting because the subject is always a bit of distance away, thanks hope you can reply.

  13. sasktank

    you dont need a mark4—the 7D is fantastic–youdd love it after using the 30D

  14. ragnarocking

    Awesome. Thanks for checking.

  15. whitey211

    I don’t actually think that I have ever used the 400 on the tripod with the BB. I’ve used it on the hotshoe, and from there it does not extend beyond the lens. 

    OK, just tried it on the tripod and yes, the BB does extend beyond the lens. If you extend the hood though I don’t think you’d have any problems. For the $30 bucks it costs it’s at least worth a try.

    Thanks for watching!

  16. ragnarocking

    Have you ever used the Better Beamer and Canon 400mm f/5.6 together? When the flash is mounted to your gimbal head and flash bracket, does the BB cause any lens flare (does it extend beyond the length of the lens)? I recently purchased the 400mm and JoBu Jr.3 Gimbal head with a flash bracket. I presently use my 580EX2 with a Sto-Fen Omni-bounce to soften the flash when birding, but it doesn’t do what the BB does: it doesn’t increase the reach of and concentrate the output of the flash. Thanks

  17. whitey211

    no, sorry

  18. CRSxphoto

    Are you still selling the 400 and the 1.4x???

  19. whitey211

    I’d rather have a Mark 4 🙂 I wish I could have either though, but I am broke.

  20. whitey211

    I’m assuming you meant the 1,200mm lens, and yea, that thing is a monster. B&H has a video up on here of it being used.

  21. whitey211

    Probably just as effective as it is for my 600 f/4 (with the 2x on your lens is basically a 140-400 f/4). The wider the aperture the more “effective” the flash will be. The slower the shutter speed the further the flash can travel and still provide adequate light. Hope this helps!

  22. mattandhisnikon

    How effective would the flash extender be when using a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with a 2x converter?

  23. bmten10

    how much for the 400?

  24. whitey211

    hell yea man. I actually mount it on top of my ar sometimes.