Nature Photographer Adds Hybrid Photography


Online video Score: five / 5

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4 Responses to “Nature Photographer Adds Hybrid Photography”

  1. Vernon Morris

    Very nice, like to see more.


    Way to go, Rob!  Very nice work and look forward to seeing future updates!!

  3. Rob Knight

    Thanks for the comment Johnathan. It’s more about adding motion to your still photography than it is about what tools you use. I’m using ProShow Web, but you could use iMovie or something similar as well.
    From my experience, most photographers are shooting either photos OR video. With my hybrid nature photography I’m switching between photo and video depending on the subject and the situation. I’m thinking about how the two mediums can support each other to tell a story or set a mood.

  4. Johnathan Evans

    I’m interested in this but how is it any different than a slide show in iMovie or windows movie maker?