Nature Photography Bear Creek Park Surrey BC Canada


Video clip Ranking: five / five

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25 Responses to “Nature Photography Bear Creek Park Surrey BC Canada”

  1. Ken Wild
  2. Ken Wild

    Thank you for accepting my into your community 99% of the photography
    communities are well educated in know the FACT that video photography IS
    photography. I hope that this art of photography is welcome however a
    select few have been prejudiced and reject video photography . If for any
    reason Video photography is not welcome here Please forgive me and remove
    me from the community Otherwise I thank you for accepting me and the art.
    Thank you again very much for accepting me and I wish you all a fantastic
    adventure of your quests to Hunt nature with a Camera :)

  3. Ken Wild
  4. Ken Wild
  5. Ken Wild
  6. Ken Wild
  7. Ken Wild
  8. Ken Wild
  9. Ken Wild
  10. Ken Wild
  11. rmsb1984

    noticed that plastic bottle? humans………….

  12. terri634

    Great job. Please do more. 

  13. California Wildlife

    My fave part was the black squirrel against a background of red/orange
    leaves. Beautiful!

  14. Igor Byshnev

    nice nature in your country 

  15. Ken Wild
  16. Ivana Istvanic

    Like your filming of wild Nature!

  17. Ken Wild

    thank you :)

  18. Ken Wild

    Thank you for accepting me into this community If you watch all of this
    short video you will see mostly squirrels and some very good close-ups 

  19. Júlio Cézar de

    Great Vídeo .It´s always good to see animal in their natural habitat. thank

  20. yonderhillwildlife

    Enjoyed that ! Good video. Thank you!

  21. Margarita Viso

    Very nice vieo!

  22. Alan Carr

    Nice, very beautiful video photography, also u can publish your video in

  23. Ken Wild
  24. Pablo Fallas
  25. t4705mb6

    A sliver of reality – The fantastic and awesome beauty of the planet we
    live on.

    A nice reprise from “government’ (criminal ‘state’) constantly telling us
    to BE… “afraid”.

    We are ONE with the universe. EVERYTHING on Earth came from… “out there”.

    Find your center, look around you, discover we (as well as ALL things!) are
    ONE and reject those attempting to alter ANY of that!