Nature Photography: Using Cokin Filters


Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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7 Responses to “Nature Photography: Using Cokin Filters”

  1. David Bennett

    HAHAHA dude im swatting around like bugs are in my face lol! kool vid

  2. DeeJay Paringit

    Oh man I was getting itchy watching you! Great vid!!! haha

  3. Claude Vachon

    funny funny funny too much wow good job. considering the bugs.

  4. Claude Vachon

    Not the best but +A for effort.. Keep at it.. I’ll keep looking for more.

  5. August Marchetti

    Thanks for the video! That is a lot of mosquitoes, you must have been eaten

  6. Nipplekisses

    Grats on your west nile

  7. Tom Spencer

    your welcome! next time ill put bug spray on first!