Nature & Wildlife Photography Tips – Florian Schulz on Nature Photos


Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Nature & Wildlife Photography Tips – Florian Schulz on Nature Photos”

  1. Jeanie Venturi

    Good day! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My buddy Jack made some very amazing photos with their photography tutorials.

  2. asfadgasdgshshj shesahesjhew

    Great video. I really want to get into that field but can you tell me how much a wildlife photographer earn a month or a year? ..or does it depend on the amount of pictures you sell/publish. oh and do you get sponsors to help you travel around? i’ll much appreciate it if you can help me out. thx ! 🙂

  3. TheChill0ut

    >2012 >not understanding the fundamentals of what he meant

  4. BBMJ21Login

    funny… he assumes we have a 14mm prime too…

  5. Apurva Dongre

    Wow Amazing Man U Have Soo High Zoom!

  6. LimitMediaCrewHD

    2x and 100-400 ha ha

  7. l67swap1

    Ill use my 600mm as soon as u send me one 😉

  8. Marvin Pop

    I have a beroflex 500mm with Canon 1.4 extender

  9. JazzKeyboardist1

    people do not want to see wildlife, they want to see pictures of the photographers taking pictures, because that is what most documentarys are

  10. Lincoshop

    Low light event photography
    see:w w

  11. lucasfunkt

    I know, let me just sell a couple of kidneys first.

  12. Benjamin Tan

    Good work and capture, i just starting to learn nature photography, thank you for your tips
    I you have many good images of wild life thumb up

  13. ngabaiya

    I tried zooming in with my 600 but i realized i dont have one!

  14. Sean Rooney

    A great interview Florian
    Do you use filters and if so what works best for you

  15. webzly

    Great video. THANKS!!!

  16. arjunwildlife safari

    because I cant post up links in the comment, type arjunwildlife safari and see my video

    This is my first ppt of my wildlife pics. Im interested in wildlife photography. (I hv not been taught photography, will be learning soon)

    Let me no what u think

  17. Tanya Dydzyk

    Great video, I would love to know how to further my passion in photography. Come check out my video at Tanya photography.wmv

  18. seriouslysiriusable

    If I had money, equipment, and permission, guaranteed I’ll have great images too.

  19. seriouslysiriusable


  20. mattandhisnikon

    “Zoom in with your 600…” Yeah, because we all have a 600mm lens -.-

  21. VanyahaHeights

    I love sticking to my stock lens & the 50mm F1.8II prime lens. 🙂

  22. Alexander Fletcher

    This is want to be…

  23. poisedonis

    nice interview

  24. appacana

    I’m inspired, thank you

  25. MaTinDeepunkt

    please watch 🙂