Photographic Moment Episode 19 Wildlife Photography in South Carolina


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10 Responses to “Photographic Moment Episode 19 Wildlife Photography in South Carolina”

  1. Jim Crotty

    Yes, yes, more like 700mm. Thank you.

  2. johan bauwens

    500×1.4=700 mm, not 600 mm

  3. l67swap1

    Very nice work!

  4. SuperEmanuel98

    wow thats an long lens “EF 50-100 meters 1:4-5.6 is” 🙂

  5. yambarudan

    100 millimeters is about 4″, did you mean 100 meters?

  6. ostoer

    What monopod do you use? It seems to stand on it’s own.

  7. freddyronny

    What lens is that? Is that a 500mm f4.5L USM?

  8. sasktank

    no snow in febuary !!!!—ive got 5 ft in my yard in febuary

  9. Donnie Bagwell


  10. starthi

    cool vid, but add some of your shots though out the vid. other wise people lose attention.. you know alot of stuff in detail. but try adding some of you pics. and maybe show the wildlife u see too.