Photography Tutorial: Get Sharp Focus From Front to Back


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25 Responses to “Photography Tutorial: Get Sharp Focus From Front to Back”

  1. Lybe Rum

    Great video! I want to get that Tokina 11-16 also and I would like you to
    describe it in one word for me :). Also, if you know, what do you think
    about Tokina 12-28mm? Thanks and good luck!

  2. Professional Photography Tips

    +Hiker SanDiego, cheers. The location here is the 20 Lakes Basin just east
    of Yosemite. Access via Saddlebag Lake.

  3. Professional Photography Tips

    Hey +Key Wizard, generally speaking you should focus about a third of the
    way into the frame. But using the method outlined in the video will make
    sure you get everything in focus every time. Have fun!

  4. Uillihans Dias

    Great tutorial! That’s exactly what I do when shooting landscape. You’re
    absolutely right about closing down the aperture, lens diffraction can
    really soften the image. Here’s one of my shots using the same technique
    and thanks for sharing!

  5. Johnny

    HAHA I loved the way you said “it’s like taking candy from a child”.

  6. Alex Park

    wow very useful information! thanks a lot!

  7. maishan wahyd

    haha you really know how to make things interesting at the same time
    informative !!! great job, exactly what i was looking. You sir deserve the
    subscribe 😀
    thumbs up

  8. Aqull

    +Professional Photography Tips Really good video, might wanna try
    enhancing the audio quality tho

  9. EMIP TV

    Excellent tips and great video, thanks

  10. ImagesByDavid

    Good stuff buddy a tutorial that puts a smile on the viewers face.

    The Republic of Ireland. 

  11. Antenox

    For focus stacking, what about focus breathing?

  12. wakeboard mier

    great video

  13. Will Guthrie

    Hey man, interesting content and video and some great tips and techniques
    as well: looking forward to trying them out this weekend so cheers for
    taking the time to create and post. The scenery looks stunning by the way,
    very different to here in the UK for sure. I’m assuming it’s in the States
    somewhere but I’d be interested to know which part?

  14. Paul Carson

    Dat audio tho.

  15. AlJeffersonA1

    Great tutorial and fantastic tips, thanks so much!!

  16. Donald Goldney

    excellent work

  17. leapinggreenfrog

    This is literally the same exact technique I use a LOT of the time 🙂 

  18. Michael Lombardi

    I’m confused as to how you focus 1/3 of the way if there’s nothing there to
    focus on? I usually select the center point for focus, point wherever I
    want the focus, half-push the shutter, and re-align to what I’m shooting.
    If everything in these sweeping landscapes is foreground or background, how
    to I hit the 1/3 mark?

  19. merasanam

    Photography tutorial: how to overexpose the entire video….

  20. Phillydog1958

    I like your approach. Great job! 

  21. Maximilian Imaging

    you are my new best friend!

  22. Hiker SanDiego

    Good tips, especially the one-third focus point and checking foreground and
    background adjusting the aperture for sharpness.
    My question is, where was the location you were filming. I suspect it is
    located in the CA Sierras. For some reason it reminds of Second Recess in
    the Mono Creek drainage, but the peak I see only viewfinder of your camera
    doesn’t seem to fit that guess. 

  23. Product Feedback

    What about at night when you shoot low Aperture F1.8 etc? Is stacking the
    only way? Sucks for moving things. 

  24. TheTacticalDefender

    LMAO… Note to self: Don’t watch videos from Joshua while drinking coffee
    or any other liquid sitting at the PC. Keep em coming. Be well.

  25. Gilbert Davis

    That was very excellent. Thanks.