Photography tutorial: Wildlife – Equipment/Camera Settings


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25 Responses to “Photography tutorial: Wildlife – Equipment/Camera Settings”

  1. christopherdls69

    Good info. Yes It is expensive from what I’m finding out. But only thing is you should try rehearsing take couple takes on what you are going to say. Try make it sound more professional. Be confident. Thanks

  2. QQQQcon

    its better than most point and shoots but it is not optimal. The faster the frame rate the better your chances of capturing a fast moment. There is a link to my website in the description.

  3. abbas wiswall

    Is a Nikon d80 fast enough ? And where can I see your pictures?

  4. TheNikonic

    Hey how about a D3100 and 55-200

  5. mnoneup

    Yes it is 🙂 Thanks so much!

  6. QQQQcon

    it would definitely be a good setup if this is your fist dslr.

  7. mnoneup

    Would the Nikon D5100 with the 55-300mm lens be good for wildlife? Im thinking about buying it but im not sure

  8. AlexT1994

    I hate when the thumbnail is different from the video :/

  9. harshanack

    What kind of a Lens you are using in this video?

  10. harshanack

    What kind of a Lens you are using in this video?

  11. jmstew0319

    Just forget that part about JPEG. Always shoot RAW.

  12. jmstew0319

    You lost me at JPEG.

  13. mrwtsfhc

    I viewed some of your galleries, and the picture of the fox with the snow on his nose is by far my favorite, excellent photos!!

  14. journeyquest1

    The best place i have found to find wildlife is Tijuana. I have been to Bryce Canyon and Glacer National Park and Yosemite and Sequoia and……..Just wish i had had better photo equipment then.

  15. AlexT1994

    Did a fly fly past the mic or something at 1:04?

  16. QQQQcon

    any equipment is good when you just start. Your setup is fine. Once you become more serious with your photography you can choose a camera that suits your needs better

  17. Veldranian

    Oh awesome 🙂 What do you think about my euipment?

  18. QQQQcon

    I just upload five new videos, three of which are photography tutorials. I will be uploading about 15 new photography tutorials in total before the end of june.

  19. Veldranian

    Hey is this equipment I’ve got  ok for a beginner I have a canon 20d with a 90-300mm lens. Like I said on my other post these videos are amazing. plea make more 🙂

  20. Veldranian

    Amazing videos is it possible to make any more they really help 🙂

  21. Willlikesludwig

    Go for the Nikkor one!

  22. pixelcomet

    dark video? video postproduction is the key 🙂

  23. 00hmath00

    Great Video!!! Learned alot. I’m saving up for a canon 7D do you recommend?

  24. pianoman6639

    Really enjoyed this,informative easy to understand and the presentation really works for me many thanks will put this onto my favs for future reference
    Thanks again

  25. QQQQcon

    I am not sure. It looked great on the video lcd.