Photography tutorial: Wildlife Photography – Intro


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24 Responses to “Photography tutorial: Wildlife Photography – Intro”

  1. Tim Kiesling

    tripod… that is all

  2. Sudara Nishshanka

    How do I build a Steady hand when like taking a picture with a 600mm lens??

  3. minja dasic

    Hello there, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a nice free video explaining how to make outstanding pictures. This made it possible for Matt to shoot photographs which leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect while you take a look at them. It may work for you too.

  4. kwertful

    ok i’ll make a facebook page

  5. WillsTechTutorials

    Why don’t you create a facebook page which has all of your photography on and a link to istock? I have co developed some software which you can upload your photography onto a google map called wildlifepanorama()com its not quite finished yet, but were hoping eventually it will be a good way to promote your wildlife photography.

  6. kwertful

    yeah but no ones bought!

  7. WillsTechTutorials

    Have you tried submitting your images to istock photo?

  8. kwertful

    Hi great video, I’ve taken lots of wildlife photography. Any ideas on how to promote it? I would eventually like to be able to sell my photography and travel around the world taking pictures.

  9. mrdinh1

    nice work on your website sir

  10. Mordhelm

    Do you use tripod for wildlife photography ?

  11. tourdumondiste1

    3:42 Fly faaaaaart

  12. LimitMediaCrewHD

    you shud come to Norway=D

  13. QQQQcon

    that will work. the d90 will work with just about any lens, the d5100 needs an af-s lens to auto focus.

  14. tabl10s

    Wildlife Refugee?…Bwahahahaha! Refuge is what you want to say.

  15. sowmithrii

    And also for wild life photography… will D90 do good ? with Nikon AF (not AF-S) 70-300 mm VR lens.

    So confused with these AF & AF-S…
    If I take D5100 and an AF lens.. will it work or I must go with AF-S
    If I take D90 will AF lens work ?
    Will 70-300mm lens good for home photography (portraits) too ?

    Please let me know dude…

  16. sowmithrii

    Saw few of your other videos on Nikon D7000. Those are great. Thanks for that.

    When i have seen the pictures taken from both D7000 and D90 (online).. I found like D90 is having more sharper and detailed pictures than D7000. Even D5100 is having more sharper pictures over D7000.
    Could you please suggest for which one picture clarity is more.. as i have not used any DSLR by hand.

  17. MexicaliBenchmark

    Come on! you get it too easy! here in Mexico to take a photo of a bighorn sheep you have to hike like 3 hours, sit down for some like another 3 hours in the desert with 113 Farenheit! and if you dont have a good lens something like 20x sorry about your pic, those national park make it look like you are in the zoo -__-

  18. QQQQcon

    that is because your a dip shit faggot

  19. bscamtip


  20. jun ling

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  21. Steve Staples

    Great info thank you

  22. ranarohit755

    Hey, have you considered “MagicSFXphoto” (just google it)? There you will find a useful free video explaining how you can take outstanding photos. This made it easier for Daniel to take pictures which leave you with that wow-effect when you take a look at them. I hope it helps you as well…

  23. startphotography

    Nice video. Keep ’em coming.

  24. Donald Oberloh

    If your relying on a Canon, or any other piece of equipment your in need of some lessons. A good photographer with a Nikon 300 will out shoot an average wannabee, with any camera. When money is no object move up to the medium format Hasselblad.