Relaxing Nature Photography – ASMR


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Relaxing Nature Photography – ASMR”

  1. Saitoshiba

    Your channel is best ASMR channel on youtube. The only one that makes me sleep like a rock. Your voice is great for ASMR. Do you whisper, speak normally or speak a little lower?

  2. dawalihpable

    I learned how to capture photographs with my father’s x700. It’s beautiful out there too,I love film and I love asmr from you

  3. crazykev176

    informative, relaxing and great visuals. you are by far my favorite asmr video maker. looking forward to going through all your back log of videos.

  4. canturgan

    If YouTube existed when I was growing up I would know everything.

  5. sYnlCounter

    please show your watches in the coming videos

  6. Diddmaster

    Are you a grandfather yourself?

  7. ASMaRrtist

    Loving all these clicky sounds. Great vid

  8. efren ferrer

    its taking taoo long to start with.. but great quality vid man

  9. XoxoTaylorMarie

    I love your camera collection!! I have a 35mm SLR manual camera that I use for my photography class. This is also very relaxing(:

  10. ChaotyxGaming

    “…Or to get shot”, that made me laugh 😛

  11. BrasilASMR

    That was very nice!

  12. Daniel Williams

    Seems like you were having trouble, is all

  13. Daniel Williams

    To put the lens on you just have to align the red dots

  14. flufiboi

    Look out for slenderman …

  15. asecondaryhighway

    Great video. I’m a photographer too and your film shots really turned out well. Liked watching the how to and the finished results! I managed to stay awake for this one too.

  16. bmtimv

    I love photography as well. I took up analog photography again a few years ago and finally saved up enough for a Leica M3. Among taking pictures I just love the feel of a mechanical camera in my hand – the sounds, the feel. Thanks for the video.

  17. RelaxingASMR


  18. TheInsaneHippo

    You are the very definition of gentlemen

  19. jewcify

    You’ve got mad style my man. Cool video very relaxing

  20. chuck norris

    ill keep that a secret 😉

  21. RelaxingASMR

    Thank you.

  22. RelaxingASMR

    I softened a little toward the Vikes during the time they had Favre but don’t spread that around;)

  23. RelaxingASMR

    That’s just it..I’m not. Thanks for watching.

  24. Press1ToParty

    Are you a Wisconsinite too, or just have good taste in a football team?

  25. chuck norris

    aww i was hoping you were a vikings fan D: well lets not have our football rivalry interfere with how we think of eachother 🙂 again great job with the videos and i look forward to more soon! 😀