Savannah Georgia Photo Journey


Video Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Savannah Georgia Photo Journey”

  1. TheSnackpack34

    thanks great pic i l am from savannah but sometimes just to busy to enjoy the beauty of the city

  2. pieces141127


  3. Iaokanan29

    1:35 Is that moss in a oak tree?

  4. Clem Burke

    Swamp wher do ya live now? I love that city,,,I am a floridian living in NC

  5. swampzoid

    I hope to move back to savannah eventually and yes, it does lack a lot but it also has a lot to offer that other places don’t. thank you for your nice comment and enjoy savannah.

  6. swampzoid

    thanks for your great comment my fellow Barvarian.

  7. cocoapeach

    This video was great. I spent nearly all of my teen years here in Savannah and have recently moved back after many years away. Although I really was not looking forward to this move, this vid kind of refreshes my appreciation for all the beauty that sounds us here. Although in many ways I find this place lacking, I can say it is the most beautiful place I have ever lived.

  8. thepolitian

    HEY BERRYG, thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment (it does not matter that it is not your VID, you contributed).


  9. thepolitian

    HEY BERRYG, Savannah is one of my favorite places to go. We go camping at TYBEE ISLAND. We walk to the beach from the RV camping site. Excellent Sea food.

    PS The Savannah Chamber of Commerce should be proud of your VID.


  10. myownfan

    I live in Savannah, born and raised. Everyone has issues with this person or that group no matter where they live in the world, and you can debate that till you’re blue in the face. You generally get what you give. Change the world and I’ll give you a cookie!

  11. swampzoid

    You two will have a wonderful wonderful time in this very lovely city.
    Thanks for your comment.

  12. arago384

    Beautiful! We will be there Memorial Day weekend for our first anniversary. Can’t wait!!!

  13. swampzoid

    well, you don’t sound very friendly yourself.

  14. swampzoid

    sure – what’s your website?
    thanks for the checking out my post.

  15. briano0600

    I lived in sandfly..near Isle of hope…I never saw any racism…although I do know that people there do have a tendency to talk behind your back. But the racism is tame compared to up in the northern states…people actually kill each other here over racist least there it is just talk…but I’ll find out soon if you’re right cause I’m moving back within in the next 2 weeks…depending if the 3 hurricanes coming directly at you doesn’t hit Tybee Island….

  16. trusable

    You can always take a personal tour with myself. I love this video postcard. Would love to use on my website, if allowed.

  17. swampzoid

    Somewhere I have an old photograph of my Father and me at the Sugar Shack back in the 60’s.

  18. swampzoid

    I don’t understand Portuguese but I do like the Beatles and so I thank you kindly.

  19. briano0600

    Woohoo! I am moving back to Savannah soon….I LOVE that area….friendly people, beautiful scenery, good food, good job market make this such a great place to live! Oh! And I forgot to mention Savannah is 20 minutes from Tybee Island ….here I come Sugar Shack and the beach…

  20. daily24

    Awesome presentation! I wish I had a chance to watch it earlier, and now I really want to visit soon. Good luck with the business move.

  21. swampzoid

    also, while downtown, eat at “mrs. wilkes boarding house” on west jones street. it’s a true treat.
    (paula deans’s restuarnt is overrated)

    have fun.

  22. swampzoid

    there’s so much to see…of course you’ll tour around the historic district…but a pretty area outside the historic district is along “victory drive” if you have a car. the blocks between abercorn st. and waters ave. are so beautiful. the long line of palms trees and canopy of old oaks and the old mansions along the way. then you can continue east toward tybee island if you want to go to the beach. along the way then, there’s bonaventure cemetary, fort pulaski and then eat at the crab shack

  23. dunlapml

    Good postcard. Thanks for sharing. Any suggestions on what to see in Savannah?

  24. swampzoid

    well, she is.
    thanks for taking a look at my post.