Secrets Of The Magdalen Laundries


Online video Ranking: three / five

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5 Responses to “Secrets Of The Magdalen Laundries”

  1. vulvaria

    Are they trying to glorify the Magdalen Laundries? from what I know it was a terrible place.

  2. whiskerchild

    Is some of this spoken in Gaelic?

  3. Aifric Ni Shrutháin

    Taithníonn sé seo go mór liom. Iontach an job deanta ‘ad. Deas an gaeilge a chloisteal chomh maith 🙂

  4. xXxRaavenxXx

    This really speaks to me. I don’t really know the artists motives behind the little screen printed pictures above the pictures of the women, but this is what I get. That’s how they died. A house fire, A motorcycle accident, A plain crash. I don’t know, that’s how I feel about this.

  5. TheStarchild2001

    that is a really interesting and emotional experience. I’ve watched magdalene sisters movie and then i bumped in this video so it really touched me. thanks from turkey to the artist and the uploader of the video . thanks a lot!