Stealth Gear One Man Wildlife Photography Chair Hide


Online video Rating: four / five

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4 Responses to “Stealth Gear One Man Wildlife Photography Chair Hide”

  1. jha2957

    Always found them tricky to fold back up and put back in the bag. Can someone out there show how to do that with ease? It’s always easy to open them. Bugger putting them back in the bags.

  2. peregrinestudio

    try for more hides and camo gear cheaper too!


    OK Where do I buy this here in the USA I like it better than the Amerblind’s & how much does it cost in US dollars ?

  4. ccj1221

    OK video,would of been good to see you use the pegs and sit inside with a camera and tripod,
    Thinking of buying one of these,think there abit pricey right now.
    Come on lads you can make a better vid than this,and let me know when there around 50 quid.Take care,and good luck.