The Basics of Nature Photography from Michael Melford


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25 Responses to “The Basics of Nature Photography from Michael Melford”

  1. jesusoliveira2

    I’ve always considered a 10/1 ratio of likes/deslikes an excellent sign that I was looking at a good quality video. Now, 288/3, that´s a gem!

  2. AmericanCoinHunting

    Amazing…I could not stop watching. So it made it to my favorites & a thumbs up.

  3. Tim Kiesling

    this guy is my idol

  4. BHPhotoVideoProAudio

    They are Medium Format cameras that have digital backs available for them. The sensors like 2 1/4 film is larger than 35mm film or a full frame sensor.

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  5. pooh1234567890

    What’s a digital 2 1/4?

  6. Steinar A

    This has given me so much inspiration! Thanks for an awesome presentation!!!

  7. GjVj


  8. cablemodemtech

    Awesome pictures! Great presentation!

  9. Michael Horton

    Awesome video…great presentation and photo. The people are like robots….ewwww, awwwww!! Cracks me up and annoys at the same time!

  10. gasnaked

    how could someone dislike this ????!!!!

  11. Lifeismyspark

    This handsome man gets me through my workouts…and I get educated. Super talented and mesmerizing voice. 😉

  12. Petri Lopia

    Great video and it make me think differently my way of shooting photos… I learned a lot.

  13. BHPhotoVideoProAudio

    Thank you all so much for watching the B&H Photo YouTube Channel and for your participation. We are very pleased that you derive value from and find our presentations useful and informative.

  14. doaralmeu

    Thank you, really great

  15. finnvoid

    best presenter i’ve seen yet; amazing shots and funny

  16. Magnus Dyrsten

    amazing, thank you

  17. ukguy

    excellent tutorials thanks!

  18. thetruthrevealing

    wow I learned a lot! Thanks Mr Melford! Thanks B&H!

  19. Dinahhs3

    Woow so talented

  20. Jo jumean

    Great Video. He shows his not so good shots too…just to say he’s human like the rest of us. Excellent!

  21. LighthouseVision

    Mr melfordphoto is amazing, I must be his biggest fan!

  22. Humpflicks

    Great! Much appreciated. Just one suggestion. Remove the bobbing head at the bottom of the screen. Drove me nuts. Super seminar.

  23. eliote17

    I love these kind of videos, where the photog shows his portfolio…

  24. Daniel Madore

    Great stuff.

  25. Antonio Machado

    Very nice presentation, great photos, great tips and such a sense of humour!