Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit is again coming back to Bristol. The show would open to visitors from 30th November, Saturday, to 23rd February, 2014, Sunday. This year, for the very first time, the touring exhibit would take place on the citys harbor side M Shed.

The visitors would see a rich array of animals on earth in this touring exhibit. The event, which is now in its 49th year, offers a series of magnificent snaps celebrating the splendor, beauty and drama of the natural world along with creative, astonishing as well as humorous wildlife photography.

This year, the photography contest in Bristol would be balanced with a series of display celebrating the citys special and diverse wildlife. Visitors would have the scope to see rarely seen natural history specimens, learn how to recognize different species of the natural world as well as other wonderful and weird species in Bristol.

Speaking about the exhibit, Head of Bristol Museums Julie Finch told that there is no doubt that the yearly wildlife photographer exhibit in Bristol is quite popular. Every year, these stunning and thought provoking snaps draw visitors to the city wide and far. It is expected that this year would be the same.

Along with Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit, visitors would also be able to bring out Bristol Wildlife and get wild regarding their city along with a special display of rarely spotted specimens from their natural history collections celebrating the unique wildlife of the city, put togethr by the guys at Wedding Photography Stockport.

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