Wildlife Photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas: How’d They Do That?


Video clip Ranking: five / five

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12 Responses to “Wildlife Photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas: How’d They Do That?”

  1. capton chug

    ryanpatrick.zenfolio.com sells awesome wall hanging photos

  2. paintusingthelight

    at 6:44 is the 2011 version of battle tank.

  3. Yogesh Sarkar

    Photos might be good, but they seem fairly intrusive for the wild animals, which I do not believe is a good thing.

  4. Zsombor Sándor

    Amazing ! juzaphotography. com

  5. GrimsditchImages

    Awesome video, but I really sort of don’t like it when people say “really sort of.” WHICH IS IT, “REALLY” or “SORT OF?”

  6. Wayne Howarth

    Hey MArk lots of great information, thanks. I like the remote control car with the camera and flashes, that could be used in sports like skate boarding, BMX, etc.

  7. BrotherBloat

    that’s a great video indeed!

    Speaking of wildlife – Mark, would you be able to get Paul Nicklen on the show some time?

  8. nada1985baghdad1

    thank you for this great video

  9. DavidLTG

    can you hire me???

  10. fachrysfirst

    komodo dragon its in Indonesia 😀 , my country 😀

  11. Mosgaard

    Now that’s life, make a living of your hobby 🙂

  12. Ahmad M. Hailan

    thanx a lot  mark