Wildlife Photography by Chase Swift


Video Score: four / 5

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6 Responses to “Wildlife Photography by Chase Swift”

  1. praiseitem

    Great Job Chase.

  2. wildlifephotography1

    I was fortunate to study at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography.

  3. honeyB343

    Brilliant, thankyou for replying, i began in film photography and recently began studying BA Hons digital photography in london. May i ask how you entered your field of work professionally?

  4. wildlifephotography1

    Thank you. I use a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II (digital), but many of these were taken with film a few years ago. The music is Enya, Storms in Africa. You can find that track on iTunes.

  5. honeyB343

    inspiring photography! what camera are you using?…beautiful soundtrack also…where can i find the artist and name of this music please?

  6. wildlifephotography1

    Yes I did take those. More to come too…