Wildlife Photography in Congaree National Park Part 2


Video clip Rating: four / five

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17 Responses to “Wildlife Photography in Congaree National Park Part 2”

  1. Jody McCoy

    I can’t wait to watch. I grew up doing much of the content in your videos. I couldn’t think of a better way to get kids involved and learn about wildlife and the simple pleasures nature has to offer. I’m working my way back tithe southeast and hope to be exploring areas such as these soon. Have fun on your current trip and be safe. Thanks again for the effort and time that goes into your videos.

  2. Jody McCoy

    Great video, it’s nice to know there are still places to be explored on the east. I love the adventure aspect of you trips, it keeps me wondering what’s coming next. I agree with your thoughts on being careful who you bring along on an adventure. While it is nice to have someone to share the trip with, it is hard to find that someone who is willing to do just about anything for that perfect shot. It’s great to see in your other videos that you do have a fellow adventurer to explore with.

  3. Stormin024

    Whatever happened to  that trip you were suppose to take at the end of March? Just curious ans was looking forward to it…

  4. Stormin024

    Love the coon shots anyways…

  5. Stormin024

    Loved the coon shots….

  6. James Lee Onn

    i like your video..

  7. tredmill007

    thanks. couple questions. where is congaree? what tips do u have for photography without too much equipment?

  8. ticknonstop

    Your video was great! Well done.

  9. Jason Lee

    Both the tripod and the 393 is a lot more sturdy than what I was using. Once I get the lens I want I will be doing an on camera review. My brother is getting married at myrtle beach in May of 2010, I hope to have all my gear by then.

  10. Jason Lee

    Picked up a Manfrotto Classic 3 Tripod with the 393

  11. Jason Lee

    Picked up a Canon 1D Mark II, and I am currently borrowing a canon 500mm F4.5 from a family member. I fear I am going to have to take out a personal loan if I want to purchase one for myself. Next on my list is a decent tripod.

  12. Jason Lee

    Great video very informative. I am lucky I live in an area full of wildlife. I awoke the other morning just after the sun came up, to see 3 turkey vultures fighting over some discarded fish on the bank of the my pond. Unfortunately I only had my canon 10D with a 200mm kit lens to shoot with from about 150 yard away.

    Your video has inspired me to upgrade my camera equipment.

  13. tommytucker8157

    thanks for sharing these videos mate!!

  14. xjrlokix

    Great videos. More, please.

  15. ronskiuk

    what’d be great was if you intercut the shots you took with the camera during the video, interesting vid though.

  16. gastonia28056

    Great video.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. FischerPhotography

    Another good video. I like the photo of the two raccoons in the tree. Keep those videos coming 🙂