Wildlife Photography- Theodore Mattas


Video Ranking: 5 / five

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6 Responses to “Wildlife Photography- Theodore Mattas”

  1. Shivji Joshi

    Excellent video bringing the authentic natural beauty of wilderness
    Shivji Joshi

  2. Charan Panesar

    WOW, there is absolutely nothing to criticize in this video… it’s superb, i just cannot say that this photo is too underexposed, or that one looks stupid, this one makes no sense…. All I can say is that you’re very talented… that expense was well worth it

  3. 7Millersshadow

    Hey Sando, it’s 7Millersshadow. Beautiful footage. Just dropped by to say Hi. Hope you are doing well. I missed quite a few days due to such patent ignorance and it’s tireing to deal with all that (esp. female to male when they’re that vile) Take care!

  4. Lillen98765

    Wonderful! I always wanted to go to Africa :/ I was in Senegal when I was two years thoug 😛 I actually remember a little bit :)

  5. Maggie Steele

    simply amazing! I will go to Africa when I grow up and take great pictures like yours (: can someone check out my photography videos and give me some tips.

  6. halfbakedc00kie

    Very impressive. To what extent do selling your images fund the trips to Africa?